Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for us? Here are some of the questions that are commonly asked by our clients, and you may find the answer here. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions!

What products and services do your company offer?

We are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OES (Original Equipment Supplier) of RobotshopCNC Cutting Machines. We have CNC Cutting Machines that can cut a large variety of material which include metal, wood, plastics, fabric, foams, papers and more.

  • Metal: Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, GI (Galvanized Iron) Plate and more.
  • Wood: MDF, Chipboard, Plywood, Wood Composites, Hardwood, Softwood and more.
  • Plastics: ABS, Acrylic, HDPE, Polycarbonate, PVC, UHMW, Nylon, Delrin, and more.
  • Fabric: Felt, Carpet, Blinds and more.
Where do you source your machines?

We are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OES (Original Equipment Supplier) of RobotshopCNC Cutting Machines. We have our own CNC cutting technologies that can benefit our clients in the long run. Discover more of our technologies here.

What kind of after sales support do you offer?

We have trained technicians to ensure your machine is in operational condition. We also offer free support via internet, telephone, and email. Do not be limited by purchasing a machine from a company that does not know how to manufacture their machine. You will face problems on machine troubleshooting as they do not understand the underlying concept of a CNC Machine. We also ensure that the downtime is as short as possible.

What are the available CNC cutting sizes?

We have cutting sizes starting from 4' x 4' up to 10' x 60'. Our standard cutting sizes are 4' x 4', 5' x 10' and 10' x 20'. As we are the OEM manufacturer, we can manufacture machine of any cutting size as per requested.

What are your warranty terms?

All our products are usually 1 year manufacturer warranty, limited to manufacturing defects, or which is to be found of our fault. However, we will do our best to keep our clients educated with proper maintenance procedures to ensure high reliability.

What kind of material can a plasma cutter cut?

Generally, a plasma cutter can cut ferrous and non ferrous metal. Common materials are mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

What plasma cutter should I choose for my CNC?

There are a few factors that can determine the right plasma cutter of your choice, which are cutting material, thickness, application, and minimum hole cutting size.

You can contact us to and provide us your details so we can recommend you the correct plasma cutter according to your application.

What do I need to prepare for a CNC machine installation?

For a CNC plasma cutting system, a clean, oil-free, non-humid compressed air with stable pressure during operation is highly recommended. It is best to have an air compressor dedicated for CNC cutting to ensure stable pressure. Insufficient pressure will cause the plasma consumables to wear off faster.

For a CNC plasma oxyfuel / flame cutting system, we recommend LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), or also known as cooking gas and Oxygen with 99.9% purity. It is also recommended have a shop floor with excellent grounding. If the ground has too high resistance, consider installing a copper earth rod on the ground to reduce the ground resistance.

What kind of personnel is suitable as a CNC Operator?

Over the past decade in production of CNC Cutting Machines, we have constantly redesigned our CNC Controllers to accomodate the Malaysian culture. Our CNC Controller are Windows-based and is designed for non-tech savvy users.

As long as your personnel knows how to use a smartphone, he or she is absolutely suitable for operating our CNC Machine. Of course, knowledge of CAD software such as AutoCAD is recommended. Else, we can train your operator with fundamental AutoCAD basics and sufficient for CNC operation.

Please take note that this is only applicable for our CNC Cutting Machines. We cannot say the same for other CNC supplier/manufacturers.

How long does a CNC training session take?

Upon complete of machine installation, we will train your personnel step-by-step, such as basic CAD training, CAD to CNC Conversion, CNC Controller Operation and CNC Maintenance. Don't worry, one day is sufficient to bring your personnel up to speed.

We are experienced in training CNC Operators, and we can train any kind of personnels. We also train foreign labour from Indonesia, Myamnar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Laos, cambodia, and more. As previously stated, as long as your personnel knows how to use a smart phone, he or she is absolutely suitable for operating our CNC machine.

Do you offer CNC customization services?

Yes! We can customize your CNC to your request. In fact, 80% of our customers have special customization requests such as software features, electronics upgrade, additional features, hardware upgrade and more. If you have acquired our CNC machine from us, or from a third party, and would like to customize features, feel free to let us know and we will work out a solution for it.

Do you repair CNC Machines?

We are specialized in repair CNC Cutting Machines of any brand/manufacturer, including International brands such as ESAB, Farley, as well as Chinese CNC Cutting Machines. If you are a local supplier of China CNC Cutting Machines, feel free to contact us and we can provide CNC Repair services to your clients. We also provide local support for Chinese CNC Cutting Machines directly to clients.

I would like to supply your CNC Machine to my client. Is this possible?

Yes, we can accomodate such request. As long as the end user / client is in Malaysia, we can provide installation, commisioning and training to the end user / client. Contact us to discuss more regarding this matter.

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